musician, philosopher, traveller, teacher and student

I developed a passion for music at the age of twelve when I discovered how incredibly joyful it could be to create and experience sound. I started learning percussion then piano and bass guitar and continued my studies in Musicology at the University of Poitiers. I began my career as a professional musician and music teacher.

At the same time, suffering from chronic physical pain with only heavy treatments as a solution, I started to take an interest in health and self-awareness. I slowly built my knowledge of the human body to try and understand where illness and disease come from. I developed more and more interest in this topic and, at the age of twenty-four, I set out to discover more about what the rest of the world could offer on this subject.

I travelled throughout South-East Asia and settled down in Australia where I joyfully took on many new challenges. I immersed myself in the vastness of the Australian outback and experienced a deep connection with nature and the elements. I also explored the power of sound, meditation and yoga for healing, and was initiated into the art of the didgeridoo and the art of the Himalayan singing bowls.

I used my spare time in self-study, and discovered authors who have, to this day, influenced my practice. For example, I learnt new ways of communicating with the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) model developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, and, the importance of staying connected to the present moment through The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I finished this part of the trip knowing that I had found the right path and I returned to France feeling compelled to learn more.

I took on my next challenge, which was to travel through Europe for six months by bicycle. During this trip I spent three months in the Vipassana meditation centres located in Switzerland, Belgium and England. Here I studied the practice and theory of meditation more intensively. I explored the boundaries of my body and mind and developed a better understanding of myself. I resolved to use what I had learnt to not only serve myself but also to serve others.

I needed to learn more so that I could progress further on the path. So, I went travelling again – this time for six months throughout India and Nepal. Here I learnt about Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India) and explored the benefits of therapeutic fasting. I learnt and practiced yoga at the foot of the Himalayas under the guidance of Yogi Sivadas of the Kailash Tribal School of Yoga. I also completed my studies in sound healing under the guidance of Master Satya Brat of the International Academy of Sound Healing before finally returning home to France.

With an intention to serve others, I founded Silence Sonore. I now work diligently to offer you a truly unique sound healing experience. I feel extremely blessed and honoured to be able to share this with you.

Guillaume Gonin